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Baby Safety Guard

Keep an eye on your baby 24/7
AI Care
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1080P HD

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Smart expression recognition

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24/7 AI care

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Sleep report


After giving birth, mothers can spend more time on herself.

Our BabyCam's real-time notification and intelligent analysis can help you keep an eye on your little ones anytime, anywhere.  

Understand you in different scenes 


BabyCam Technology

Our BabCam gives baby better protection through our artificial intelligence and precise algorithm.

With our BabyCam, you won't miss lovely moments of your baby.

We also protect your privacy and ensure it is 100% encrypted. 

Cooperative mode

Our BabyCam can also empower the confinement center with higher efficiency in management. Through in-depth algorithm of our artificial intelligence, the confinement center is equipped with 24/7 

virtual caretakers to spread love and care to little angels.