Night vision 

Watch your baby clearly at night

Super night vision algorithm can improve the shooting quality in low-brightness environments and restore image clarity. Turn off the light, you can still see the baby's small face

Cloud storage

Protecting your privacy is our mission

Protecting information security and user privacy has always been our first principle. We uses a unique algorithm encryption and user authentication mode, private cloud storage space, additional local storage TF card, four layers of protection to ensure the security of your information

High-definition lens and HD storage allow you to enjoy the cute posture of your baby in 1080P quality, and watch it everywhere. 

​HD Video 

Don't miss precious moments

Expression capture

Capture every smiley face of your baby

Expression detection function, while watching the baby's video, recognizes and saves the baby's cute moment and captures the baby's natural and cute expression. The app is equipped with a large number of interesting stickers, using face recognition, one-click addition, fun stickers, and sharing the baby's cute gesture with family

Sleep report

Health is happiness

Sleep detection function can accurately analyze the baby's sleep, allowing the mother to grasp the baby's day / night sleep duration, number of turns, sleep time and wake up time, etc. Make further improvements or adjustments

Danger alarm

Emergency notification

There are always some unexpected situations in the process of taking care of the baby, for example, the baby crawls off the mattress without the attention of the adult, or the baby vomits milk at night, and the mouth and nose are covered by the bedding. Emergency detection algorithm can accurately identify the occurrence of multiple hazards and send an alarm to the mother or caregiver as soon as possible to ensure that the baby is always safe

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