“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”
― Confucious


What We Do

We are committed to bringing the core of our image processing technology to everyone's daily life. Always seeing something full of colours and love.

Woman & Doctor

Colour Remapping

Colourblind patients are tested to see better colour results with our BVTM technology


Image Enhancement

Photographs are boosted with our artificial intelligence to look more visually appealing

Image by Jonathan Borba
Infant & Mother

Danger Detection

New born babies are better attended by caregivers assisted with our Smart BabyCam.

We Help ColourBlind See Better.

Colourblind without our glasses

image (1).png
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Normal vision, without glasses

Colourblind with our glasses

Colour Vision Deficiency is a lack of ability to distinguish between certain shades of colours.


About 4% of the population worldwide whose lives are affected by CVD with different types and degrees, from partial to complete loss of colour perceptions. 

Approximately 350 million people suffer from Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD), also known as colourblindness. 

Now, we enable a Seamless Visual Sharing

between CVD and non-CVD

Our Binocular Video Tone Mapping algorithm is developed based on machine learning and big data to simulate and recalibrate the images seen by people with CVD. With a stereoscopic theory, we can enhance the ability for the CVD users to distinguish the colours that they otherwise cannot.


We are now implementing our software solution to wearable hardware, like reading glasses, TV screens, mobile monitors etc to benefit more users in their visual experience. 

Not only still images, but also motion pictures have we achieved an outstanding effects. Therefore, CVD people with be able to share a movie with our wearable devices with their family, friends and lovers without CVD symptoms seamlessly. 

Before, CVD and non-CVD

find it difficult to share a viewing activity (i.e. Game)


We Provide Excellent Images.

The current image display mechanism causes the lack of full representation of the content is due to the inability to fully reproduce the wide range of intensity observed in our daily experience. 

The sunlight makes our eyes feel dazzled, but we never feel dazzled by the digital display.  The dynamic range of the light is significantly reduced. As a result, the limitation of display is sacrificed. 


Image is over exposed

loss of details.png
Loss of Details

Details inside the door are lost

The existing modifications result in a sacrifice of clarity and detail in depth.

Enhance Image Quality 

by extending the Dynamic Range

Needs for a high-performance image processing and analysis technology for still and vide images

How can we overcome 

the display limitation? 

With the consumer-level stereo display, we successfully fully utilised the binocular display and overcome the limitations of  hardware monitors with the software. 

Our algorithm can automatically parse the image input 

and separates the image into a pair with 

different dynamic ranges. With a non-linear 

combination, the image pair are combined 

to present a significantly enhanced output.

car 2.png

Our patented Image Fusion (BVTM) based on 

Machine Learning reveals more richness

of colours and details without filters

Our Result

Applicable in both

2D and 3D images processing


We Empower Baby-Caring.

Yes, we know your new born baby rocks, but we also know your life as a new mother might be a little rocky too. But don't worry, we are here to help you calm down and enjoy a peace of mind. 

Mother and a Child
Baby Car Seats
Mothers and their Baby

Artificial Intelligence in 

Infant Care Industry

Nowadays, with the advanced development of technology, there has been an increasing amount of demands for the traditional baby-related products to update and reform to satisfy customers's needs.

We have investigated and developed a set of baby-centred AI detection functions based on big data and image processing. The software functions are easily adapted to hardware products, to empower the device to be smarter and understand users' needs even more.

We have developed three types of App (iOS and Android) for Baby Monitor (Basic, Advanced, Superior)  based on real mothers' needs. We have embedded our technology to our own Baby Monitor product, targeting the Mainland China and Hong Kong markets. The product has been popular in high-end Maternity Centres where mothers stay for 30-day postpartum recovery. 


AI + Image Processing =

Efficient Care Operation

We provide technical support for the following services:

  • Baby Cry Detection 

  • Baby Sleep Tracking 

  • Baby Sleep Analysis 

  • Danger Zone Detection

  • Real-time Breathing Amplification

  • Baby Emotion Analysis 

  • Baby Suffocation Alert

  • Baby Turn-over Detection


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