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Yes, we could help to monitor the crawl and roll over of your new born baby, meanwhile we also care about your role as a new mother. But don't worry, we are here to help you calm down and enjoy a peace of mind.

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Artificial Intelligence In Infant Care Industry

Nowadays, with the advanced development of technology, there has been an increasing amount of demand for traditional baby-related products to update and reform to satisfy customers' needs.

We have investigated and developed a set of baby-centred AI detection functions based on big data and image processing.

The software functions are easily adapted to hardware products, to empower the device to be smarter and understand users' needs even more.

We have developed three types of App for Baby Monitor (Basic, Advanced, Superior) based on real mothers' needs(iOS and Android). We have embedded our technology to our own Baby Monitor product, targeting the Mainland China and Hong Kong markets. The product has been popular in high-end Maternity Centres where mothers stay for 30-day postpartum recovery.

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We provide technical support for the following services


  • Baby Cry Detection

  • Baby Sleep Tracking

  • Baby Sleep Analysis

  • Danger Zone Detection

  • Real-time Breathing Amplification

  • Baby Emotion Analysis

  • Baby Suffocation Alert

  • Baby Turn-over Detection

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