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Normal vision,
without glasses

Colourblind with
our glasses

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Approximately 350 million people suffer from Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD), also known as colourblindness.

Colour Vision Deficiency is a lack of ability to distinguish between certain shades of colours.

About 4% of the population worldwide whose lives are affected by CVD with different types and degrees, from partial to complete loss of colour perceptions.

Colourblind without
our glasses

Before, CVD and non-CVD find it difficult to share a viewing activity (i.e. Game)

Now, we enable a Seamless Visual Sharing between CVD(Colour Vision Deficiency)  and non-CVD.

Our Binocular Video Tone Mapping algorithm was developed based on machine learning and big data to simulate and recalibrate the images seen by people with CVD Colour Vision Deficiency. With a stereoscopic theory, we can enhance the ability for the CVD users to distinguish the colours that they otherwise cannot.
We are now implementing our software solution to wearable hardware, like reading glasses, TV screens, mobile monitors etc to benefit more users in their visual experience.

Not only still images, but also motion pictures have we achieved an outstanding effect. Therefore, CVD people are able to share a movie through our wearable devices with their family, friends and lovers without CVD symptoms seamlessly.

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