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Intelligent Power Security

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We have established cooperation with multiple subsidiaries and photovoltaic power stations under the China Southern Power Grid (CSG). Build an intelligent learning platform, achieve dynamic facial recognition and fully automated unattended projects, and deepen cooperation in smart new infrastructure projects. We have now received the order of 3millionThe project has completed the delivery of 1 million.


Project Content

Focused on the intelligent new infrastructure in the field of industrial safety.


Dynamic facial recognition

Based on 5G communication technology, this 4K ultra clear face recognition system can be used for security monitoring.


Intelligent learning platform

Establish an intelligent algorithm standardization development and training platform for supervising on-site operation scenarios in the power grid, and carry out  development and optimization training.


Fully automatic and unattended

The full operation and unmanned maintenance of photovoltaic power stations, including the operation and unmanned maintenance of booster stations throughout the entire time period.

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