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Colorful life

Like doing yoga or watching movies? We let every "love life" mother enjoy the leisure time, and keep eyes on baby.


Baby Smile

Postpartum depression

Frequent emotional instability (anxiety, loneliness, sadness, depression)? We understand that postpartum mothers will experience a series of tremendous physical and psychological changes.

We want to help heavy care tasks and collect the cute expressions of the baby's natural expression to help each "postpartum depression" mother relieve stress and regain healthy and happy emotions




 We know that sometimes my mother can't be busy alone, and you can't worry about leaving the baby alone at home.

We want to help mothers who have "nanny with baby" have a more comprehensive and intuitive grasp of the baby's daily status, and promote communication and assistance between mother and nanny

Baby Smile


Chaos Life

The original rhythm of life was disrupted after childbirth? Want to do everything by yourself, but you are too busy to lose everything? We understand the responsibility of mothers. We want every mother who "chaos" to systematically integrate their daily treatment. We help mothers regain their pace of life, stable emotions and inner confidence

Baby sleep


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